Re-evaluate Mideast Policy—I’m gonna play the pa…

Re-evaluate Mideast Policy—I’m gonna play the part of the cold Public Policy Analyst for a minute here. In International Politics back in college a long time ago the prof said Foreign Policy is a function of National Interests, and Power, that is: FP=I+P. Now, lots of people keep saying Bin Laden et al. are attacking the USA for our “lifestyle,” whatever that means. But all I’ve heard him and his folk say of substance is that they’re attacking our Foreign Policy, specifically with regard to (1) Israel and Palestine, and (2) Iraq-Kuwait-Saudi Arabia. Now, up till now the policymakers have presumably considered that U.S. national interests endorsed what we’ve been doing in those two areas. (Whether or not they actually did, I leave to others for now.) But theoretically, that was before the first foreign-based attack on the eastern United States since the War of 1812. So it seems to me that the above calculus requires a ‘cold’ re-computation of U.S. Foreign Policy, factoring-in this new information and experience. Are our current policies with regard to Israel and Palestine and with regard to Iraq-Kuwait-S.A. still in conformity with our Interests and our Power? Maybe they still are, maybe not. Keep in mind that we didn’t used to take too seriously a terrorist threat of this magnitude to our own territory, just other issues, domestic electoral politics, foreign oil, the Cold War, whatever.

If such a re-calculation effort isn’t being undertaken at the highest levels of the State Department, CIA, and White House, they aren’t earning their pay, and they are endangering all of us, willfully or carelessly. A blatant High Crime and Misdemeanor.