Sabra and Shatila All Over Again?—What’s happeni…

Sabra and Shatila All Over Again?—What’s happening right now in Jenin and elsewhere in the Israeli Occupied Territories of Palestine…and Ariel Sharon’s involvement/leadership of it…sound eerily similar to the massacre almost exactly 20 years ago in two Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. It’s even been recently alleged by eyewitnesses that Israeli troops, and not rebel Christian Phalangist forces alone, did the dirty work there; now it’s all Israeli soldiers. Did you know there’s a war crimes and genocide case in process against Sharon? Not if you rely on U.S. newsmedia! Enter “What happened in Sabra and Shatila” into a search engine, and read a little. As usual, there’s two sides (at least), but even the Israeli Government faulted Sharon in the aftermath of the 1982 massacre, and fired him from the Defense Minister’s post; now he’s running the whole show!

This is the the Sharon who sued CBS-TV News’ 60 Minutes, claiming they libelled him. The (U.S.) court concluded he was “libel-proof”: that is, he had no good name for CBS to damage!

My biggest problem is, these are refugee camps, Sabra and Shatila and Jenin. Aren’t they under the control of the UN High Commission for Refugees, international law, and all that?!! or shouldn’t they be? Logically, if an enemy can invade a refugee camp, what kind of “refuge” is it exactly!