"Let’s quit talking about doing something for low-…

“Let’s quit talking about doing something for low-income elderly that need prescription drugs.” –U.S. Senate Republican leader Trent Lott, one day after his party picked up a scant 5 seats in Congress; quoted at CNN.com.

It should be clear now that unless you’re rich and conservative, George W. Bush and his cronies want you dead. Like the Roman Senate in Mel Brooks’ History of the World Part One, it’s Fuck the Poor, Fuck the Needy, Fuck the Disabled, Fuck Women, Fuck Elders, Fuck Minorities, Fuck Indians, Fuck Liberals, Fuck our Habitat, Fuck non-“Christians,” Fuck Muslims, Fuck the Palestinians and the Iraqi People, Fuck Unions, Fuck Workers, Fuck Queers…fuck everybody we can!

Trent Lott is the Newt Gingrich of the ’00s.

Any chance of more GOP Senators flipping???