"These capitalists generally act harmoniously and …

“These capitalists generally act harmoniously and in concert to fleece the people.” — Abraham Lincoln in the Illinois Legislature, January 1837. (Thanks to Molly Ivins, one of the most perceptive columnists writing today.)

God’s judgment…is mercy!

God’s judgment…is mercy!

W. says N. Korea is just using its recent nuclear …

W. says N. Korea is just using its recent nuclear threats to get food and electricity from foreign countries. If that’s all they want, HELL, GIVE IT TO THEM! A nuke attack by them would be better, W.?!!!!! And God knows they need food and electricity. And it’s not like they wanna convert us to their religion or anything….

Of course, W. & Co. may be more worried about their Big Energy portfolios, if some country can get it ‘for free’….

Bush Sr. a Traitor???—There are complaints about…

Bush Sr. a Traitor???—There are complaints about former President Carter publicly disagreeing with W. on war; some say he’s undermining the Resident of the White House. But I could understand if JC has a grudge against the Imperial Bush Dynasty, after all, Poppy actively and for-real undermined him and the whole U.S. foreign policy, risked the lives of the Tehran hostages and U.S. servicemen and women, even a broader Mideast war…just to steal the White House in 1980 with Ron Headroom and alot of the familiar faces we’ve been seeing again in the last two years. Alot of words were used when Iran/Contra/October Surprise was exposed and investigated. But not Treason.

Yes Virginia….—There really is a Santa Claus, …

Yes Virginia….—There really is a Santa Claus, better known as Holy Wonderworker Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra in Lycia, Asia Minor, feast day December 6, one of the biggest saints in all Christendom, especially Northern and Eastern Europe. And Greek, too(!). So what’s the deal?

Most Eastern Christians celebrate December 6 on December 19 because of the Julian Calendar…just around the corner from the Winter Solstice and Gregorian Calendar Christmas/Nativity of Our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ, One of the Trinity.

Saint Nicholas brought gifts to needy families because Christian Bishops used to be known as “fathers of the poor.” And at night, so as to “not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,” ie, keep it low profile, don’t seek fame or glory for yourself because of it, “so your Heavenly Father, who sees what is in secret, will reward you,” rather than you getting your reward just here in the world. (Quotes from Jesus in the Gospels.)

Flying reindeer??? Chimneys? St. Nick travels all the world because, glorified in heaven now, he can be anywhere in no time, no longer limited by time or a merely physical body. Eternity is outside ‘the space-time continuum,’ and that’s where heaven and God are…for now. And doors or walls don’t stop him either.

North Pole? I guess if heaven is “up” for you, and you don’t know about the real St. Nick, or space travel, the North Pole is about as ‘up’ as there is. And I guess the North Pole also explains the reindeer and sleigh associations, too. But it is the Arctic Ocean, too…and not always frozen through at that, as we recently learned!

Fat? Orthodox traditionally associate overweight with sensual overindulgence and sin, and as an ascetic, Nicholas of Myra is pictured as thin. But what if he had just too many ‘fat cells’? He did grow up wealthy, too. And by stereotype Western medieval bishops were portly…

Red suit? Many Western Christian bishops are known to wear red.

Most Orthodox clergy who can, traditionally wear beards in imitation of Jesus; Franciscans in the West traditionally did too.

See who’s naughty and nice? Coal in your stocking? True Orthodox episcopal compassion wouldn’t discriminate, since mercy by definition is undeserved. Though the main story of Nicholas’ gift-giving involved a family so poor Dad was considering pimping his daughters; the Bishop’s intervention prevented this sin. It’s possible some of this stuff came from people’s associations with God as vengeful, spiteful, punitive, unmerciful, ungracious…like some parents treat their kids. Although not so long ago, in northern climes, a gift of coal would help keep you warm in winter!

Have a blessed, holy Nativity! 🙂 Christ is born for us! Glorify Him!

To err is human, to really foul things up – intent…

To err is human, to really foul things up – intentionally/on-purpose – requires a computer. And how do we do our elections now?!!! I’ve been saying this for 2 years. We need PAPER ballots, HAND-MARKED. The rest is bullshit. Privatize elections, and private business is (remains) in charge!

Real soldiers use swords.

Real soldiers use swords.

There is no such thing as Missile Defense.—There…

There is no such thing as Missile Defense.—There is more evidence for Santa Claus than that in favor of Reagan/Bush/Bush Star Wars. Missiles in Alaska and radars in Greenland and Britain wouldn’t have changed anything that happened on 9/11/01. THINK! Finding a needle in a haystack is easier! He’s just taking money from the needy and giving it to his campaign contributors…’return on investment.’ He will kill us all and fiddle while Rome burns.

This is bizarre, like something out of Lexx.

WHAT’S GORE UP TO???—Am I totally in denial – it…

WHAT’S GORE UP TO???—Am I totally in denial – it’s not just a river in Egypt, as you might have heard – or is Al Gore up to something weird? All these appearances, interviews, even SNL, ain’t just to sell a book. All the flirting with the political process…. Reminds me of Mario Cuomo in the ’80s: on the afternoon of the last day to file his name for the New Hampshire primary – I am not making this up – there was a jet revving on the tarmac in Albany while Gov. Cuomo hemmed and hawed, and then decided not to run. But I have some experience covering politics and politicians, and something smells this time. I’m not sure what. He doesn’t wanna go through the hell of running for two years. So, DRAFT GORE????? I listened, and did not hear, “If drafted, I will not run; if elected, I will not serve.” If he’s still flirting, is this a good idea? Sure he’s a little weird, but this is still the Presidency of the United States. Just because W. claimed it doesn’t mean it should be trifled with. Let’s remember: GORE WON.

Written between 10 and 10:30 Sunday night.