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Old Cure for New Disease??? This is a free plug…

Old Cure for New Disease???

This is a free plug: PAREGORIC FOR IBS! That’s right, “I held my nose, I closed my eyes, I took a drink!” (A teaspoon, actually.)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is better referred to, IMHO, under its pre-PC name of Spastic Colon, because that’s exactly what it is. Use your imagination.

Anyway, realization of it has only come to the fore in the last decade or so, although many gastroenterologists and other docs still don’t diagnose it, or they mistreat it. (Cha-CHING!!!) It seems better-known in Europe than the USA; figures. But up to 40 percent of us have it intermittently or chronically, it costs billions in lost staff-hours and productivity – only the common cold costs more. Talk about “bad for the economy!”

Anyway, you really wanted to know this, but I am mostly homebound with Diarrhea-predominant IBS, or IBS-D. And after just one teaspoon of Paregoric aka Camphorated tincture of Opium (after getting my GP to Rx, and finding a Pharmacy still carrying it), and I had firmer stools and no runs! I do not appear to be experiencing any side-effects, I still operate my car and heavy machinery safely, etc. I take it right after breakfast (whenever that happens to come in the day for me!) to avoid the threat of nausea and vomiting.

I’m taking 1 tsp per day for a month to see if it also generally restores colonic function – even if temporarily – as is alleged for some other opium poppy derivatives such as Poppy Tea or Poppy Seed Tea, Naltrexone, etc.

Then my only problems will be my other big symptoms, Staggered/Incomplete Evacuation and Erratic Sleep Patterns/Chronic Fatigue, still hours on the toilet. But hey, one miracle at a time, OK?!

Be warned: Paregoric tastes and smells like strong, bad liquor, with the fumes that go right to your sinuses. It’s probably flammable. But in the few days I’ve been taking it so far, I’ve actually been getting used to it, so it’s really not that bad.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, I don’t even play one on TV – heck, I don’t even get to Play Doctor at home! I’m just a medical layman, a patient, reporting an isolated personal experience. Your mileage may vary. Paregoric is a controlled narcotic only legally available by prescription in the United States. Overdose can hurt or kill you. Opium is also a U.S. controlled substance, and improper possessing, use, or sale my be prosecuted; and the legal status of Poppy Seed Tea seems unclear. I am not responsible for anyone else’s behavior or experiences that may or may not result from reading this article. I am not a scientist or a formal researcher. My own claims may vary. Ask your doctor. Higher fiber helps too, whether in food or supplements… each case is individual. Etc etc etc. I’m not a lawyer, either, so anything missing from this Disclaimer is hereby included by reference! Have a nice day.