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California Constitution UNconstitutional (Recall R…

California Constitution UNconstitutional (Recall Redux)

The US Constitution requires the Federal Government to ensure to each State “a republican form of government.” (NB: That’s with a small-R!)

Commonly that means a 3-branch setup where laws pass through the legislature and are signed or vetoed by the Governor. That means Initiative-and-Referendum is unconstitutional. Initiative by itself is OK, where voters sign a petition to force the legislature to consider a proposal. Referendum is OK, where the legislature and Governor send a proposal to the voters for their approval or rejection. But I&R together violates the Federal Constitution’s guarantee of “a republican form of government.”

NOW we have California “recalling” a duly-elected (less than a year ago!) Governor for no “high crimes or misdemeanors” but just because the national Republicans target him with a doofus womanizer married to a poor excuse for a Kennedy.

I don’t know what Gray Davis’ margin of victory was last November, but now only 50 pct. plus one can throw him out of office for no good reason. He lost the recall ONLY 55-45. And is being replaced by Doofus with 48 pct. of the vote or less.

So not only does I&R skirt the elected legislature entirely, but Recall and Instant Election gives California a governor opposed by the majority of voters! (Sound familiar?) Nevermind that Davis came within a statistical dead heat of Doofus, and wasn’t even on the ballot – in violation of his Bush v. Gore civil rights!!!

So, do you think the White House will send in the National Guard, throw out California’s corrupt Constitution, and make them draw up a real one? Let’s see: first they stole the Presidency, then they went to war to keep Congress, then they stole the nation’s largest – mostly Democratic – State, and now they’ve bugged the Mayor’s office in the nation’s 5th largest city, Philadelphia, in Gore-state Pennsylvania.

Nope, don’t see California Constitution Reform on the horizon!