"BENEDICT ARNOLD CEOs" …are attacked in a Joh…


…are attacked in a John Kerry fundraising letter I recently received. And you know, he’s right. Officials of American corporations’ first loyalty isn’t to their nation or their fellow Americans, but to profit. And so they Outsource America, while creating low-wage jobs here just like they do overseas. No wonder poverty and apathy are on the increase. We’re trapped in the vicious circle of profit. This after all the Corporate Welfare and tax breaks we give them here!

It’s time we repatriated our jobs from overseas. I’m open to a carrot-and-stick approach. Make it more expensive to move work overseas, or to bring those products or services home again. Reward longevity here. Reduce taxes on American-made products and services.

It may be against NAFTA, GATT, and WTO. But if those things are no good for Americans, we should tear them up too, as violations by U.S. governments of the public trust. who ARE they good for?: not America, not Canada, not Mexico, just treasonous Transnational Corporations. It’s time we stood up again for American workers, loyal American companies, loyal American entrepreneurs and developers of business.