WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON IN IRAQ? Go to page 12 of …


Go to page 12 of this PDF for an article that alleges there is NO significant “reconstruction” going on but significant DEstruction, outsider assassinations of Iraqi professionals, massive corruption and looting of the country, construction of huge permanent U.S. bases, an intentionally-divisive civil war myth, outside “mercenaries” provoking artificial Sunni-Shia conflict for the benefit of the U.S. occupation, and the following conclusion:

Today’s conflict is political, not faithbased as the mainstream media are trying to say falsely. This war started with lies, and continued with more lies. The American people have to open their eyes and minds to stop crimes committed in Iraq under the banner of ‘liberation’ of Iraq.

“What is the solution? Let Iraqi leaders sit together, without interference of the American administration, to establish a unity national {sic} government, to train new Iraqi army and police. Create a time schedule to pull out the troops, and at the same time, stop building bases in Iraq. Fix what has been destroyed by paying compensation to Iraqis. We can rebuild our country by our own hands.

“Leave Iraq for Iraqis.”