NEW INFORMATION I did not realize that Hezbollah …


I did not realize that Hezbollah has been lobbing missiles into northern Israel since the Israelis ended their illegal occupation of southern Lebanon; and I did not remember that Hezbollah as a political party is now part of the Lebanese cabinet.

A proportionate, discriminate response by Israel to the missiles and the recent deaths and two prisoners taken from their army by Hezbollah, would have been to send in teams of commandos to round up criminal suspects for trial and rescue the prisoners. Nobody – apparently not even Lebanon – would fault them for doing that, despite the technical violation of Lebanese sovereignty involved. Israel used to have the best commandos in the world: remember Entebbe? They must not anymore, because now they just go after alleged criminals in Gaza, West Bank, and Lebanon with a big club, not caring what innocent parties are killed or unnecessary damage is done to homes, hospitals, government services, local police services, or infrastructure. It’s as if they want to recruit more terrorists, as if they like to suffer. Some people are like that, but it’s a hell of a way to run a country, especially one that claims to be an island of liberal democracy in a sea of Islamic terror.

And this arresting of Palestinian government officials has got to stop. Not even countries at war do that. Doesn’t matter if they’re Hamas, Fatah, or Greens; they are the democratically-elected leaders of the Palestinian people. And the destruction of Palestinian government offices and buildings is barbaric.

But Israel has proven time and again that it is not a responsible international player. I stand by my recommendation that the whole world must step in, in force, to end the Mideast conflict – both sides of it. There may be criminal Palestinians, but Israel is a criminal State.