I can’t confirm the date this occurred, but since the Jerusalem Patriarchate is on the Old Calendar, I would presume it was OC Theophany, January 19 of this year:

“The Biblical Miracle Recurs on the Jordan During Theophany, 2006,” from The Orthodox Herald, July 2006, p. 21, col. 3:

As reported in Moscow, on January 24, 2006, on the website Interfax, some five thousand pilgrims from various countries became witnesses to a sign that appeared on the holy river of Jordan on Theophany.

Immediately after Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem performed the rite of the blessing of water, the Jordan boiled up and began to flow back just as it happened after the baptism of Christ, the Zhizn (Life) daily writes.

Right after silver crosses were thrown into its calm waters after the prayer, the river boiled up. A maelstrom developed and the current flowed back for several minutes.

An ecstatic cry of five thousand people resounded over the Jewish desert. {Probably they mean the Judean Desert. -LP} People refused to believe their own eyes, just as they did two thousand years {ago} when the Jordan turned its current after Jesus Christ entered its waters, the newspaper writes.

from “Orthodox Life”

PS: I heartily endorse The Orthodox Herald for homey, informative information about Orthodoxy, without too much politics.