CRIKEY TV’s Australian "crocodile hunter," Steve …


TV’s Australian “crocodile hunter,” Steve Irwin, a subject of Her Majesty The Queen of Australia, was killed by a stingray while filming off the Great Barrier Reef today (yesterday). One of his last lines in the movie The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course, poignantly funny then, is just poignant now: “The hunters become the hunted. It’s nature’s way.” Had he ever swum with rays before? In any case, he died doing what he loved best after Terri and the kids, and, they say, probably instantly. A great adventurer and conservationist, this crocodile saver and “crusader in khakis.” God be good to him.

(Strange thing is that this morning I woke up thinking – out of the blue – that they should make another movie. Too bad.)

UPDATE–Much is being made in the media about Steve’s “wrestling alligators” as a viewer-grabbing stunt. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are means of gaining control over a croc or gator that are safer for the humans involved, but more dangerous for the animal. Steve chose to try to endanger the animals less, even if it was riskier to himself. And nobody forced his co-workers to take employment with him, either. Or Terri. It’s because he already did such things that he made it on TV, not the other way around.