MY GOD, WHAT HAVE WE DONE! "PVS": completely awak…


“PVS”: completely awake, aware, alert, listening, mentally responsive, intentional, imaginative, mentally functioning. Just completely paralyzed. And anyway, misdiagnosed up to nearly 2/3 of the time! And treatable 2/3 of the time by a sleeping pill!!!

The researcher even goes on to say that absence of detectable brain activity might not signal absence of brain activity!

This British woman came back from (diagnosed) PVS.

Funny, you’d think this stuff would be all over the MSM.

If they say people in a coma might hear and understand, why not PVSers?

Now, imagine yourself completely immobilized in bed, a dry sock stuffed in your mouth so you can’t even make noise…and the person you love most denying you nutrition and water until you died, all the while proclaiming their love for you, saying this is what you want…even taking a lover and starting a “family” with them. Or yourself in the same “state,” but with doctors ripping out your organs to give to other people ‘more deserving.’

But using scene-imagination as a whole means of communication? Like one yutz said, “If you want to go on living, imagine having sex.” What if they’re a virgin?! Presumably their brains wouldn’t light-up precisely the same as an ‘experienced’ person’s! Use extreme caution.