DISSOLVE DISNEY* All corporations that commit lib…


All corporations that commit libel should be dissolved, and their assets distributed among their victims. Corporations exist in the first place to meet public needs, not private greed or politician corruption or party subterfuge. They don’t exist to lie to us and influence our votes falsely. Disney libeled several former officials of the United States government when it broadcast over the public airwaves The Path to 9/11. Not only should their broadcast licenses be revoked, but they and all their affiliates should cease to exist as corporations.

Goodbye, ABC! C-ya, Disneyland, Disneyworld, and all the other Disney Places! Hit Mickey’s Place while you still can! Sorry, ESPN, you lose! Disney Cruise Line, your ship has sunk! No more Disney fiction! Go.com is GONE.com!

(*-A Delaware corporation [figures!] can still be dissolved by requiring that state’s Attorney General to initiate dissolution proceedings, or by doing so yourself. Go get’em, Mr. Clinton!)