THE BRAIN BEHIND AL QAEDA …is discussed here. …


…is discussed here. As the only true “neo-conservative” around here(!), I obviously sympathize with some of Qutb’s analysis of the Modern heterodox West. But not because it fails one or more of the 600-some “laws” of the Old Testament (conservative Protestantism – but let someone succeed, by the Graciousness of God, in keeping one or two of them, and they howl “works-righteousness”: there’s no pleasing some people!) or disobeys the Pope (conservative Catholicism), but because it’s lost the therapy of the soul that Orthodoxy – on a good day – humbly, and conscious of its own sinfulness, and only by the Graciousness of God, retains. This of course is also what’s wrong with Islam. So the answer is neither (Western Catholic/Protestant) Crusade nor (Muslim) Jihad, but Orthodox (nonviolent) evangelization…and if necessary, martyrdom – “the seed of the Church.”

And for God’s sake – literally! – stop supporting Israel amorally, and stop sending the Muslim world porn!!!