ZONING RELIGION? If Congress may make no law…in…


If Congress may make no law…infringing the free exercise…of religion (1st Amendment), certainly states and localities may not either!

Besides, don’t churchgoers’ cars need fuel? Don’t they eat and drink and shop after worship…some denominations even before?

However, I don’t think denying liquor licenses on the basis of proximity to a church is Constitutional, either. Churches aren’t supposed to get such special treatment or deference. Although I will point out that it’s only certain types of churches that scream about alcohol…. In any case, who’s buying liquor at 9:00 on a Sunday morning?!

Anyway, is there really an explosion of downtown churches in this country?! An average of one call a month to an organization is hardly newsworthy. Must’ve been a slow holiday weekend.

(NB to the mayor of Stafford, Texas: Who does he think is patronizing his churches, out-of-staters? commuters from Mexico? Or are his new churches spontaneously-generating parishioners?! Aren’t most of them Staffordians?)