Carbon Dioxide Doesn’t Pollute: Scalia; Bush EPA

(Read all about it.)

And trees do. And ketchup is a vegetable. (I really recommend this one for a flashback to the roots of so much of today’s problems.) And assembling a burger is manufacturing. And the Moral Majority is either. (For that matter, the Christian Right is either, too.) And the mission is accomplished. (If so, bring them the hell home!)

GOP/Corporate logic!

Gandhi quote

Interviewer: “What do you think of Western Civilization?”
Gandhi: “I think it would be a good idea!”

Fair Trade, Not Free Trade

I don’t pay enough attention to CNN’s Lou Dobbs to know what’s up with him, but this sounds good not just for America but also Canada and Mexico! Not to mention the Third World workers deprived of First World rights by “free trade.” But I’m not holding my breath….

“The United States of America Apologizes….”

It should say “Bush and Cheney apologize.” And the taxpayers pay for their bamboozle!

“Tiny Town Could be Waterloo for Vote Machines”

Mayoral race a tie.

“Political Pressure on Networks” to Call Election “Right” ASAP on Election Night

I.e., not like they ‘screwed up Florida 2000.’ (Of course we know they actually got Florida 2000 right the first time…)

Widespread GOP Fraud in Pennsylvania

…is suggested by preliminary results of independent exit polling conducted by Election Integrity, including at least one U.S. House seat possibly stolen, PA-06, where official results gave the race to incumbent Republican Jim Gerlach over Democrat ‘Liberal Lois’ Murphy by exactly 3,001 votes.