SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT "As we know from the Gra…


“As we know from the Grail traditions, a cosmologically ordered realm, centred on divine law, receives so much good luck or blessings that in the experience of its inhabitants it is an earthly paradise.”

…Sadly for our lost civilisation, all the compulsory `great’ intellects one is supposed to read – Freud, Darwin, Marx, Wells, Sartre etc up to Richard Dawkins & Stephen Hawking in the present day – have conspired to make the last hundred years or so a mechanistic atheistic nightmare that has wiped out more millions of grown humans and unborn infants than must ever have existed in the previous 1900 years of history, and in the process have created a spiritual barrenness and misery amongst the surviving remainder than can scarcely have seemed feasible to our materially poorer ancestors.

I feel compelled not to reveal my source, only because these words come from a review of a book from someone who sounds like some kind of New Age Fascist, unlikely as that sounds (and completely unexposed to Orthodox Christianity, btw)…and I don’t wish to seem to endorse him, or even to have read it. (I have better things to do with my time.) Be that as it may, the words themselves as presented, present something to think about by themselves. Are they true? In any way at all? Or not?