NOT COMPLETELY HAPPY Yet. We need two-thirds to o…


Yet. We need two-thirds to override vetoes (which hopefully will now be coming fast and furious), impeach and convict, and amend the Constitution (which can’t be vetoed). Reports of shenanigans flooded in yesterday. And a number of House races are said to still be up in the air, as well as the Virginia Senate race. How many apparent Republican victories were actually stolen? Will we ever even know, given the untrackability of most of the electronic “voting” machines???

In my not-so-humble opinion, Job One of a d/Democratic legislative chamber in Washington is to initiate the simultaneous impeachment of Bush and Cheney. If Republicans continue to march in goose step, at least we get them on the record supporting their high crimes, violations of the Constitution, broken laws, war crimes, crimes against humanity, stolen elections, 9/11 culpability, and corruption – over 700 separate offenses, according to some sources. This isn’t payback for Clinton; F*CK Clinton, the lowlife Repub in Dems’ clothing (with his fly open). This is payback for a regime that was never elected, and has overwhelmingly spent its time destroying this country. Screw “bipartisanship” and “cooperation;” THEY DIDN’T! The Democratic Congress has less than two years to accomplish the people’s will…and you know the Repugs’ election-theft machine will be in warp drive in ’08. 2008 will make 2000 and ’04 look like some crooked small-town dogcatcher campaign! In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Right-Wing Conspiracy (RWC) intentionally gave us last night in order to prepare for the bigger prize of ’08; after all, they expose themselves if they happen to win ALL the time.

(Though it is kinda funny to watch hard-rightists complain that they lost because they weren’t “conservative” enough. Go ahead, move further to the right! Though if they’re really manipulating everything behind the scenes, none of that really matters. And BTW, do most members or contributors of the Parents Television Council realize that group isn’t just about TV content, but the whole Right-Wing Agenda? They were part of a hard-right, eat-their-own, post mortem news conference this morning.)

Which is why Job Two is amending the Constitution so that all elections touching on Federal government must be conducted by simple hand-marked paper ballots, hand-counted in public: Presidential Electors, U.S. Senators and Representatives, state Governors and Legislators, and state conventions ratifying Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. (And it’s such a good idea it shouldn’t have a seven-year sunset like most recent proposed Amendments have had!)

If the Congressional Democrats fail to do these two things pretty much immediately – “regime-change,” and repair the election process in time for the next election – kiss democracy goodbye for good. Literally nothing else will matter, because it will be permanently reversed by the permanent Right-Wing Dictatorship that will seize power in ’08. (If not sooner.)