TYRANNY Violating or undermining the constitution…


Violating or undermining the constitution of a sovereign entity from a position of power or wealth is TYRANNY.

A stolen Presidency is TYRANNY.
A stolen Congressional seat is TYRANNY.
A stolen Governorship is TYRANNY.
A stolen Legislative seat is TYRANNY.
Offering, soliciting, accepting a bribe, even in the form of a campaign contribution, is TYRANNY.
Bad law is TYRANNY.
Unjust judgments are TYRANNY.
Sweetheart deals are TYRANNY.
Aggression is TYRANNY.
Torture is TYRANNY.
Unjust arrest or imprisonment is TYRANNY.
Violating civil or human rights, or exceeding constitutional powers, is TYRANNY.
Improper trial procedure is TYRANNY.
Unjust conviction is TYRANNY.
False accusation, libel, slander, are TYRANNY.
Spending government money without legislative permission is TYRANNY and STEALING.
And, as the man said, Taxation without representation is TYRANNY.