HILLARY "ELECTABLE"? I don’t like her new "centri…


I don’t like her new “centrism.” Be that as it may, I think she needs more experience in public office before seeking and possibly winning the presidency. I don’t discount her particular experience in the White House with her husband, but it’s not the same as being an/the officeholder yourself. She could be great in ’12…preferably ’16 after a(nother) two-term Democrat!

I wish President Gore was running for (re)election. I wouldn’t mind President Kerry running for (re)election. But I really wish for a candidate with unquestionable credentials from “the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party,” someone who could appeal to America’s easy “patchwork majority,” including getting to the polls those many who have given up on our one-party DemoPublican/corporate rule. Howard Dean has ruled out running while he’s party chairman. What if we snagged Ralph Nader – I know he has less government experience than Hillary, ie, none, but still…. I usually like Ted Kennedy, Mario Cuomo, Jerry Brown, etc etc etc…. I know, just call me an unreconstructed Old Democrat! Labor, compassion, ethics, ecology, equal rights, democracy, diversity, ‘social Catholicism,’ peace, diplomacy, hope, alternative energy, justice, protection of our economy, international law and cooperation, competence(!), leadership, service, etc etc etc!