WHY AM I A DEMOCRAT? After all, I’m a monarchist,…


After all, I’m a monarchist, anti-abortion, and a devout Orthodox Christian convert.

  1. They’re my people. I grew up a Northeast urban Irish Catholic working-class egalitarian ecological Native American trade unionist in the ’60s and ’70s. Ask Andrew Greeley.
  2. In many ways they cover the progressive part of progressive conservatism – at least The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party does – as well as real Classical Conservatism’s concern for the Common Good and the needy.
  3. The Republicans are so generally horrible, and don’t even do anything on abortion except talk. Nixon, Watergate, Fundamentalism, Iran/Contra/October Surprise, war on the poor, war on workers, government-by-anecdote, propaganda, hunger and poverty and homelessness, corporatism, financial deregulation, divisiveness, “the tone in Washington,” fascism, the Poverty Draft, allowing/encouraging Hussein to invade Kuwait and then going to war with him 1990-2006 and counting, The Contract ON America, FAUX News and other right-wing commandeering of the public airwaves and bandwidth, impeachment for a b.j., e-voting and stolen elections, not to mention the 700 High Crimes, War Crimes, and Crimes Against Humanity, of Bush/Cheney/Ashcroft/Powell/Rice/Scalia/Thomas/Rehnquist/Gonzales/Baker et al.
  4. I did vote Green for Congress this time…but only because I live in a safe Dem district.
  5. There’s Democrats for Life of America.
  6. The Democrats – on a good day – stand up for democracy and justice, fairness and law and the Constitution (such as they are at present).
  7. Probably other reasons….