"HIGH CRIMES"??? Hell, I think if a government of…


Hell, I think if a government official commits ANY crime in office, s/he should lose his/her office. Except maybe a parking ticket, a moving violation, ‘simple’ trespassing (except in the process of abusing power), simple lying to cover-up an extramarital affair, some minute and harmless technicality s/he sincerely didn’t know about, stuff like that.

(BTW, as you may remember from the Clinton business, “misdemeanors” in the Constitution merely meant “misdeeds,” it didn’t have its current technical meaning of “crimes that don’t rise to a felony.” So it doesn’t answer my comments above. I believe the term may have been employed to cover things that might not have been technically “crimes,” but would still judiciously be found to constitute “high…misdeeds.”)



Global Warming coverup an impeachable offense??? LTTAP was for Nixon.

Misuse/Abuse of Subpoenas

Brownshirts/SS: Christian Right Paramilitaries, Mercenaries, Infiltration of Armed Forces and Police

documented here. They threaten America. They’ve also apparently been unleashed by Washington on innocent Iraqi Muslim “satanic” civilians (as they call them).

“Surge” Will Have Opposite Effect

This expert on occupation/counterinsurgency says Washington policymakers – Bush and top brass – and footsoldiers in Iraq, don’t know what they’re doing, and are making US ‘the enemy in Iraq.’

Mistake in Military Court

In forbidding an Illegal War defense for war critic Lt. Ehren Watada USA, a military judge stated that whether the Iraq War is illegal is a political, not a judicial, question. But that’s simply not correct. Whether war happens is a political question. Legality is ALWAYS a judicial question, THE judicial question. His lawyer is right: If a “military court” isn’t free to rule on legality, it’s not a court at all…just another arm of the imperial ‘unitary executive’! It renders “military justice” just another one of those Army oxymorons.

Reagan Cabinet Official Calls “War on Terror” Fake