CHIMERAS IN BRITAIN Sounds like a punk album. But…


Sounds like a punk album. But it’s proof that the days of Sovereigns getting bad advice from their Ministers, even when they’re elected, aren’t over. Lords “reform”…the gutting of the British education system…invading Iraq…allowing chimeras…. So much for “New Labour.” About all they didn’t do was privatize health care. Tony Blair combines elitist (right and left) amorality with neoliberal economics, only dressing it up in social-democratic working-class rhetoric. But Britain’s Conservatives are pretty “Blue Tory,” too. And the “Liberal Democrats” aren’t like America’s “liberal Democrats,” they’re the ultimate Classical Liberals. So their three main parties are now basically one party. No wonder The Queen can’t get good advice! Where’s the lever for the Raving Monster Looney Party?!!

‘Not enough human ova in Britain’? There are 6 billion human beings on this planet, roughly half of them female, most of them of child-bearing age, each of whose ovaries contain millions of ova…. Not that creating even 100-percent human beings and destroying them for their embryonic stem-cells was ever a good idea. It’s not correct to say the scientists who do these things lack morals necessarily, but theirs are twisted and utilitarian in the worst way, and compared to Orthodox Christian morals, hardly deserve the name. And they call us backward and barbaric!