NIGERIA IS NOT DOABLE "Worse than Iraq"? "Failed …


Worse than Iraq“? “Failed state”? Militant, “radicalized” Muslims? Nigerian oil “a strategic national interest” of the U.S.?

Sorry. With a population five times Iraq’s – almost half America’s – and a land area more than double Iraq’s, we could not secure Nigeria without a massive Draft and pre-war buildup, and a massive military effort clearly more than five times that in Iraq. And given the losing effort in Iraq and the “surging” Taliban in Afghanistan, plus Nigeria is accessible to far more would-be ‘Al Qaeda in Nigeria’ types, I don’t see a rational chance for conventional American war. And nukes? (Who do we think we are, Israel?!! [Story may become unavailable in a few days without sign-up.])

Try REAL foreign policy, REAL diplomacy (not “We expect…”), REAL peacemaking. And REAL alternatives to fossil fuels. (Nuclear power is not a REAL alternative, either.) It’s alot easier and cheaper!