What do you think Bill O’Reilly [He calls himself Irish?!!!] meant when he said to Sunsara Taylor of the organization “The World Can’t Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime,” “If the country was the way you think, you’d be in Guantanamo. You’d be hanging from a hook somewhere“? (Link to html with embedded video.)

Of course, if Bush/Cheney “decided” Ms. Taylor, or I, or you, were “giving aid and comfort to the enemy,” for any reason – like political opposition or simple questioning – or none, we could be whisked off the street or out of our homes without a warrant, without formal charges requiring an answer in a court of law, without a lawyer, without a phone call, to some cage in Cuba exposed to the elements, or some hole in Poland, or some torture-chamber in Egypt or Syria (Syria!), or even Abu Ghraib (aka Gomorrah-on-the-Euphrates), for the remainder of our natural lives. With the apparent support of the last Republican Congress AND the current Democratic Congress! Deprived of all “rights,” and in violation of the limited powers the States granted to the Federal government in 1787. And Putsch/Chicanery are certainly getting pressure from their “base” to do so.

Enron/Halliburton (ie Bush/Cheney…remember the bumpersticker?!) have basically declared a dictatorship in all but name. With the support of “San Francisco Democrat” Speaker Pelosi, House Judiciary Chairman Conyers, and Senate head Reid. And of course the Supreme Court who installed them. (Hamdan was just a slap on the wrist, saying, “Get your Consultative Assembly to pass a bill supporting Military Commissions and it’ll be OK” – incorrectly! [Talk about judicial activism!])

The Framers’ original solution/prevention for Federal overreaching was the State militias – the true meaning of the 2nd Amendment. So, any nuke silos in Blue States??? (BTW, I am NOT “advocating the violent overthrow of the government.”)