So said April’s Atlantic Monthly. Again, I don’t subscribe, but if you can afford it, or check it out at a library or something, good. Do they get warrants? Why believe so? Do they have probable cause, or is it a fishing expedition? And how come I only heard about it now by accident? And what’s this about RF I.D. cards? Is this the Anti-Christ after all?!!! (Ironically brought in by a self-proclaimed Christian!) Listen to Safire:

“’We will not be able to travel, or buy on credit, or participate in tomorrow’s normal life. Soon enough, police as well as employers will consider those who resist full disclosure of their financial, academic, medical, religious, social and political affiliations to be suspect.’”

And RF credit cards too?!!!:

“The credit card companies recently admitted that they’ve sent millions of cards to members where the RFID chip has no encryption whatsoever, so the card number and expiration date is left exposed. Try holding your card up to a powerful light, so that you can see through the card. If you see a tiny dark dot connected to a wire that wraps around the edge of the card, send it back and request a new card without an RFID chip.”

What’s next, “666” on our hands or foreheads?!!! Being “chipped“?? And the Greeks were worried about bar codes!!!

The more I hear about this undercover booming industry in information about us, the less I like it. It becomes a serpentine miasma of potential misinformation, fraud, unwanted (unaffordable!) marketing and temptation, and of course government abuse. Corporate control. Centralization of everything about me. Making certain things too easy. It’s like a cookie on your hard drive…IN YOUR ARM!!!

And lest we forget, RF stands for “radio frequency” – it’s broadcasting. That means it can be received by anyone with the right equipment! Even if you wanted to share certain information with certain vendors, this could be picked up by anyone else and, the more stuff is tied-in-to the chip, the more they can take from you. (At least you have the chance to spot someone snapping a photo of your credit card while waiting in a checkout line!)

And I haven’t even touched on the “worship of the Beast and his Icon” discussed in the Book of Revelation yet, that some Christians are worried about!!! Though Orthodoxy is said not to be more concerned about “lo here, lo there,” than about every day and any day. Revelation doesn’t even appear in our Divine Liturgy. (But this classic is just for fun!)