THEY CALL US BUSH-HATERS Like it’s a bad thing! …


Like it’s a bad thing!

Seriously, that’s just revenge for our diagnosis of them as Clinton-haters (Bill, Hillary, AND Chelsea!). Clinton-hatred is irrational, emotional, even psychopathology, because it’s not based on anything important or real. Opposition to the current occupation of the White House is supremely rational (no pun intended!). 800 broken laws, spending unappropriated money, stolen elections, dictatorial claims and deeds, illegal campaign contributions here and in Canada, High Crimes, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, illegal war, criminal incompetence (at best), shredding not only the Constitution and the Bill of Rights but even the Magna Carta, etc etc etc.

As for the Clintons, Bill became infatuated and seduced by a 22-year-old thong-flasher in her “presidential kneepads,” Hillary caved-in to Big Insurance and hasn’t been the same since, and who knows what Chelsea’s up to these days!

Who has cause?

I pray God has mercy on Bush’s soul, and on us his poor subjects.