CORPORATOCRACY It’s bad enough corporations are (…


It’s bad enough corporations are (mistakenly) people. Now they’re government officials too?!!! Not yet. But you just know how this Supreme Court will “rule.”

Of course it’s ironic, because NAFTA gives them the right to sue governments, from local to federal, in special unaccountable courts, over ordinances, laws, and regulations that deprive them of profits they expected to make, but didn’t have in their pockets yet, nor guarantees of same. Seems they can’t decide if they wanna be in charge, or sue those in charge! I guess it’s whatever gives them their way.

“Corporatocracy” used to be just a sarcastic metaphor, but now it’s for real!

It all started with the “takings” accusation: If government changes the law regarding something I own and expected to make a profit off of, it’s like they legally condemned it, so must reimburse me. But the thing is, future possible profits are just that: future. And possible. If my dog buys a joint and the cops arrest her and confiscate it before she gets a chance to get high off it, for illegal possession, do they owe her a drug trip, or a refund? Of course not! The thing is, anything you own certain rights to, you own subject to law. You are not a Sovereign; I am not a Sovereign; “We the People” is sovereign. “Libertarians” think they’re sovereigns as individuals. A more typical example is, if I buy a swamp, and then a law is passed against draining it before I had a chance to do so, I’m screwed – I own a swamp, period! Doesn’t matter if I was gonna turn it into a passive park, a homeless shelter, or a casino. It’s not like U.S. legislative and executive authorities do their thing without public input (usually), out of the “Sunshine,” with no notice, retroactively (“No ex post facto laws”), etc.

At least not when we were a democracy, before 12/12/2000….