NEW STAR TREK FLICK IN ’08 Looks like the Kirk/Sp…


Looks like the Kirk/Spock Starfleet Academy rumors were more right than wrong after all. “Very young men”??? One problem: Spock is alot older than Kirk. Remember, Vulcans age alot slower than humans. So much so that in some of the novels, Spock has had a whole science career behind him – inventing transporters, for one thing – before he enlists! This last bit isn’t necessarily canon, and I guess Spock can still be a “Vulcan on the high side of 100” at SFA…but I’m surprised TOS Trekkies on the Net don’t remember that important detail!

Two other things I’m concerned about: The Prequel Jinx, and the Damon/Affleck rumors!!! Ughghghghggh! Unless they rip the young Kirk and Spock into the 29th century – or vice-versa – I guess they’ll be going for the “senior” crowd with the greater disposable income with this flick! I have to say, I didn’t really enjoy Nemesis, either: It felt like an overlong episode, not a “major motion picture.” [BTW, is there such a thing as a minor motion picture?!!] But I’ll see any real Trek once. Hey, now that I have broadband, I might even look into some of the fan-films….

Of course, if we don’t impeach Bush/Cheney, we might end up with the Terran Empire after all – How about Kirk/Spock/Academy in the Mirror Universe?!!!