Employing and Paying High Officials Who Need Senate Approval, Without It (or even a crooked “recess appointment”)?!?!?!

Sounds unconstitutional to me, whether Specter put it in a mere statute or not! Right up there with spending our money without a Congressional vote! A sixth-grade civics student could tell them this: “I’m just a bill, up on Capitol Hill….”

It’s pretty clear (again) that these people will do anything they want, the law or morals be damned. If Congress is powerless, do we need the Framers’ Remedy for federal overreaching?!?!?! (I’m just asking….)

A regime that churns out the illegalities faster than the regular Congressional oversight process, or lawsuits, can keep up, is rotten to the core, and needs to be ejected in toto. Elected, or not!

Crony Capitalism… Corporatocracy… Just plain old-fashioned Corruption… Unconstitutionality… Illegality… High Crimes….

(Anyway, we don’t need no stinking “recess appointments.”  Anything that absolutely needs to be done without Senate confirmation can be done by the undersecretary, charge d’affaires, deputy director, etc.  Congress is not optional [anymore!].  Recess appointments should be deleted from the Constitution by Amendment; they’re only good for troublemaking, and defying the will of the representatives of the American people.)