Attack Iran? Syria?

When we’re doing so well in Iraq and Afghanistan?!!! He’s mad! He wouldn’t be any madder if he had a little square mustache under his nose! The World War Bushies want requires a protracted, massive Draft, an immense buildup of hardware, and probably nukes on top of it all. Also a similar mobilization by Allies, preferably those with as much cannon fodder as possible. And he’s the only one who wants this war! He thinks he’s playing Risk! He would probably need to annihilate the Muslim race – genocide, religicide, civilizationcide – before they could mobilize and overrun us, or at least Europe and Russia. Remember the Mongol Horde? That’s the scale of war he’s envisioning! Genocide! Devastation! Nothing left but sand and oil and corpses and dead camels! Mars-ification! Crusade!

Make peace now.

Arguably Bush, and anything on his initiative, does not meet the Valid Authority criterion for Justifiable War under Western Christian morality….