Gonzales Strips Federal Judges of Citizenship, Possibly Commits Treason (Again?)

He might as well have. If “the collective wisdom of the executive branch” (ROTFLMAO!!!) isn’t available to judges, then basically they’re no longer Americans. If embassies gather information only for Bush and not for all of us –

Waitaminute! Did Alberto just say U.S. Embassies gather information about our ‘enemies’? He just signed all their death warrants! He just betrayed all our covert operatives, by saying our embassies are actually spy outlets! THAT’S a classic case of HIGH TREASON!!! That’s Plame times a million!

No, judges don’t exist to determine what’s in the national interest. They do exist to decide when the law and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and ‘the rights of free Englishmen’ – and what’s right, moral, just – have been violated. If Gonzales asserts that lawbreaking is in the national interest, I think he just ceased to be a lawyer.

No, Alberto, in America the three Branches are equal. Your boss, the 535 voting members of Congress, the 9 Supreme Court [in]justices – they’re all the same.

Let’s bring Responsible Government to America. The Executive has become what it always was – unaccountable. A loose cannon. “Imperial.” It has reduced Congress to a consultative assembly, and stripped away what independence the judiciary ever had. Modernize American Government. The 18th-century political-philosophical experiment here has failed. We have a dictatorship under color of law. Will there even BE an ’08 election???