DECENCY RANT Maybe because I’m getting older – al…


Maybe because I’m getting older – all of 43 – but I’m not interested in seeing anybody’s underpants in public, especially males’. And I’m sorry, girls – actually I’m doing you a favor here – but the hipbone is NOT the new cleavage, it’s a sign of malnutrition, made famous in the film footage of the Allies liberating the Auschwitz Nazi death camp at the end of World War 2. I’m not even interested in seeing anybody’s butt-crack in public – again, especially males’.

And can we agree that we won’t have to hear on over-the-air television:

  • God’s Name(s) in vain before 9pm?
  • Damn(ed), and Penis (in a sitcom), before 10pm?
  • B*tch and *ss before 11pm?
  • B*lls, P*ss(ed), and any part of *ssh*le, before Midnight?
  • Sh*t, F*ck, Pr*ck, and D*ck (these last two referring to a penis or a person [unless the last is his name]), never?

And that this even applies to syndication and/or reruns of shows? My thing isn’t that children don’t hear these things around their homes at any hours of the day or night. It’s more like, OTA TV is kind of like public discourse, and I prefer we maintain some civil standards, and reduced coarseness, in our public discourse. If I tune-in cable/satellite, I expect all kinds of sh*t, maybe because that’s how it was when I was mostly growing up, etc., in the ’70s and ’80s – cable was looser than OTA, you paid for it, it was supposedly unregulated, scrambled, etc.

And a digression on visual content on OTA TV: I’m not sure breast-side-cleavage (inside or outside) is decent, since it leaves so little to the imagination. And frankly, often it doesn’t even look good! (Male OR female!) Same with butt cleavage.

Am I being totally unreasonable?!?!?!