GET OUT OF IRAQ! Like most of us, I was deceived …


Like most of us, I was deceived by Bush/Cheney/Powell regarding the WMD threat to the United States posed by Hussein’s Iraq. Though never about any alleged link to 9/11. (Talk about “lying to the American people,” one of the proposed articles of impeachment against Nixon – and that was just about a third-rate domestic political break-in, not a war of aggression…even one placing us in peril of a nuclear war with Iran!!!) But for a long time I didn’t see that we could morally leave Iraq in a mess that we’d made. I have now recently come around to the position that we should get out of there by the end of this year. For me it’s been a combination of the growth of the anti-war movement…the Iraqi opinion polls…evidence suggesting the “civil war” has been manufactured by Washington…the total lack of a plan to deal with it even if it were genuine…the growing sense that to do so would require a HUGE increase in hardware and manpower and even the Draft…and that the right thing to do about a war that shouldn’t have happened is to end it.

“Support the troops”? Wait a minute, who comes first, the body politic, or “the troops”? This isn’t a dictatorship (officially) yet. In America the military serves the national interest, not the other way around. Bring them the hell home!