GASOLINE…FROM TRASH??? I read an article about …


I read an article about it in a pop-science magazine a couple years ago. I don’t remember which one. A guy in Philly was actually doing it small-scale. This sounds alot like it, although it goes all the way back to 1978. And that’s about all I can find on the web about it nowadays! Sounds like the ultimate conspiracy theory, as expressed by some comedian a long time ago: “A car that runs on NO GAS. [Index finger drawn across throat.] A cure for cancer from COMMON HOUSEHOLD ITEMS. [Thumb over shoulder.]” 90-octane gasoline directly from trash, with little or no other environmental impacts, and cleans-out our landfills, idles our incinerators: Too good to be true? Deal with the devil? (The 1978 co-author’s name of course is Diebold!) Of course, it wouldn’t help too much with Global Warming…but a little bit!

This post was inspired by a comment from my brother that they should invent a car that runs on pollution!