DISABILITY MADE EASY Contrary to what you may hav…


Contrary to what you may have heard, it is generally incredibly difficult to obtain Disability benefits/assistance from the U.S. Social Security Administration (i.e., Social Security Disability Insurance [called “SSA,” SSD or SSDI] and/or Supplemental Security Income/Disability [SSI/Disability]). It’s rumored that the initial determining officials – many of them State and not Federal employees – have been instructed to routinely deny applicants no matter what. Another reason is that Congress, the SSA, and probably one or more Presidents/Administrations – and doubtless alot of lawyers – have invented an unnecessarily and wastefully-convoluted process that does nothing but keep the bureaucracy “substantially gainfully employed.” (See here for SSI; for SSD it’s mostly similar.)

Strangely, though, that process includes one very logical component – the Dictionary of Occupational Titleslisting a whole lot of jobs in the national economy. If you get this far in the convoluted process, you have to be pretty sick. But then they have to find that there aren’t three (3) of these jobs that you can do in your region of the country (more or less), “substantially gainfully.” It occurred to me a long time ago: WHY NOT START THE PROCESS HERE!!!!! IT’S A G.D. READY-MADE CHECKLIST!!!!!

Me, if I could make a living squeezing a hand-strength meter while sitting on the toilet all day (or night), babe, I’d be working! But as you might imagine, that’s not one of the Occupational Titles! Regardless, I had to get a lawyer to convince an Administrative Law Judge of that. HOW DUMB IS THAT! How much taxpayers’ money did it cost to resist and over-process my claim for SSI?!!! or to pay Legal Aid to press it before the ALJ?!!! WHAT A F-ING WASTE! But no, the SSA disability determination process is literally BASS ACKWARDS!