"DIVIDED GOVERNMENT"? There’s a common rumor that…


There’s a common rumor that American voters frequently prefer to split Congress and the White House between the two main parties. This is false. The only (virtual) national election we have is for President. Congress isn’t a national election like for the Israeli Knesset. We have 435 House districts and 50 Senate ones (the States), and people usually vote for the incumbent – usually irrespective of attempts by Party types to “nationalize” Congressional elections* – because usually there isn’t a seriously credible challenger, because of partisan gerrymandering of House districts by State politicians to favor incumbents. Therefore any alleged correspondence between party positions within or between the two elected Branches of the Federal Government is coincidence, nothing more. We don’t have Party Government, we don’t have party discipline (ask Joe Lieberman!), we don’t have Parliament, and we don’t have a Prime Minister.


(*-There was the time “She turned me into a” Newt Gingrich thought he was running for Prime Minister in 1994, with his European-style manifesto, that ‘Contract On America,’ and held himself an enthroning ceremony in the Capitol, pompous ass that he was and is. Ironically he was imitating the French model. Newt wanted to “cohabit” with Clinton!!!!! But Monica beat him to it!!!)