WE DON’T HATE BUSH Well, most of us don’t. Most …


Well, most of us don’t. Most of us in the center and the left don’t care enough about Bush to hate him! We disdain him. We hate his 600 high crimes. (Any crime committed by someone high is a high crime, ISTM!!! And no, that’s not a reference to his college hobby!!!) You know, “Love the sinner, hate the sin,” right?!!! I keep hearing the Hard Right accuse us of being the mirror image of themselves in their hatred of anyone named Clinton. But we are not like them. Their true hatred of President Clinton, his wife and daughter, was irrational, or at best vastly disproportionate. It was vile personal animosity. Our opposition to “Bushies” (now we know it’s a word they themselves use!!!) is highly rational, based on 600 high crimes and misdemeanors, from 12/12/00 to today.

For that matter, I disdained Clinton too. As one comedian put it, Clinton was “the first time I ever voted for a Republican”!!! America has basically been in a Christofascist, corporatocratic Dark Age since 1980. That’s more than half my life, people!!!!! Let’s get with the program!