First Impressions of

Pretty.  I’m glad one of the (few) templates available included the colors red and blue, since they’re associated with Red Toryism, as well as with my final Blogger template.  But since I was moving over an existing blog of over 600 posts, and WordPress’ Blogger import (i.e., copying) faculty slowed down to basically taking THREE POSTS AT A TIME, AT RANDOM FROM ANYWHERE ON THE BLOG, it was very tedious to do the moving AND double-check that it was successful.  And even when it said it was done, it had left out 40-50 posts, which I had to copy and post by hand one at a time…I’ve basically been at this for over 12 hours (excluding meals and personal needs)!!!  Then I found that unless I set the number of posts to display at any one time really high, like 150, a lower number limited displays from the monthly Archives of busy months…and’s server gets bogged down at that.  But there’s nothing like an Archive that doesn’t show all the posts from that month…especially since we can’t archive them individually by title, like a book’s index or table of contents (it seems…or maybe I have yet to discern how).  And I’d like to be able to arrange my links in my own preferred order, not necessarily alphabetically or anything.  And you might notice most of my “Links” aren’t blogs, yet I can’t change the widget name “Blogroll” to something else, it seems.

UPDATE: Just discovered that it’s Snap that really slows down, even if you’re not using it at any given moment.  PITA, actually!!!  It’s usually faster if you just follow the link!  Sorry, any Snap-lovers….