Abortion revelations

I thought I knew what abortion involved.  I grew up Catholic in the ’70s, in parochial school, with the constant opposition to abortion from all directions.  I thought all abortions started off with a needle in the uterus to kill the fetus before it was removed by suction or induced labor.

Then in the ’90s I heard about this “partial-birth abortion” thing, where activists said the baby – well-along in development, big enough so that s/he couldn’t be passed through the cervix and birth canal without either inducing labor or collapsing her/his skull – and for some reason wasn’t killed first – was killed by the very collapsing of the skull, with his/her legs/torso hanging out.  Not alot of technical details, though.

I thought I knew.  I didn’t know that I didn’t know all about it.

Now I read that suction abortions – nearly all U.S. abortions are this kind – don’t involve prior fetal death… that some abortions involve dismembering the live fetus in utero like a Goddamned chicken and pulling out his/her body parts through the birth canal one at a time (who ever thought this was safe for the woman?!!!*)… that it is alleged that some “partial-birth abortions” come out head first, questioning the “partial” part of the nickname… and that the only kind where they do the fetus the honor of putting him/her out of her/his misery before butchering him/her, or tossing her/him in the Dumpster, or the biohazard incinerator, is the induced-labor kind, which is apparently rather rare.

 And this is from a (once-)reputable major-market newspaper once owned by a reputable national chain… not an “activist” website or tract or something.  Supposedly ‘just the facts.’

I’ve been around a bit, but I’m scandalized.  My God, what have we been doing?!  What barbarism!  Do most people know to this level of detail what abortion involves?  Do most women who undergo abortions?  Am I an exception?  If not, is it responsible medicine NOT to inform the patient that they suck the live baby out of them OR tear him or her out of them alive piece-by-piece?!?!?!  This wouldn’t be ideology or preaching, just telling the patient about just what unusual things are being done with “her body.”

In any case, if plants and paramecia react to injury and pain, the least we can do for our littlest sisters and brothers if we are going to rip them from the womb is minimize their pain and put them to death before doing anything else to their bodies/relics.  And I think we would presume they feel pain – if plants and paramecia do – even without the research that DOES suggest they do.  What kind of inhuman imagination could even conceive that they wouldn’t, or say ‘We’re not sure’?

(And speaking of viability, if babies are normally able to live outside the womb upon completion of the second trimester, should they be killed after viability at all???  [Apparently some States outlaw abortion after viability except in cases where the life or health of the mother are implicated – as allowed by the Supreme Court.]  If their mother doesn’t want to complete the nine months, can the baby be completely delivered – alive – by induced labor sooner, and kept in the hospital until they can be released to adoptive parents?)

(And if the kids on whose flesh some common vaccines were cultured were suctioned in lieu of death, in my mind that just makes that crime “that cries to Heaven for vengeance” even worse!)

(*–Ironically, apparently one of the motivations for PBA.)