Partial-Birth Abortion Ban: Another Disingenuous Republican Deception?

Remember, it’s only a banned PBA if the baby’s navel (think umbilical cord) is outside the birth canal, ie, in fresh air.  I’m no obstetrician, but how hard would it be to keep that from happening.  What committee crafted this law?!!  Why the belly button?  Why not the third rib, or the left butt cheek, etc.?

Can you say Lip-service?  Sherrrr ya can!  Red meat for their base?  Activate their voters?

There were abortions before Roe v. Wade, so we know outlawing it won’t end it.  People could just go to Canada, or Latin American countries where it’s legal, or Europe, or elsewhere, if they can afford it.  So whether or not you’re working for a Supreme reversal or a Constitutional Amendment or violent revolution (which I don’t support)* or whatever… why not also work to reduce the causes of abortion.

(*–I’m not joking about violent revolution: I just read a WordPress blogger make reference to the alleged inability to effect his desired changes here nonviolently, eg, politically, in this day and age.  What’s he want, another elite minority special-interest revolt like 1775-83?  Don’t fear us Monarchists…!)