Jamestown 400

God Save The Queen!

But some object to Native American objections to unnuanced partying.  But clearly, Jamestown and British-American colonization of Turtle Island have been at best a mixed blessing for the 100 million or more human beings of civilized cultures who were here for thousands of years before they invaded, stole the land, stole the resources, trashed them, introduced violent war, incurable diseases, chattel slavery of Africans, post-Revolutionary elite rule, Western Christian heresies galore, etc etc etc.

(Chesapeake Bay, explored by John Smith [What a name!] 400 years ago, used to be full almost to its surface with plant and animal life.  Now it is almost dead.  Indians didn’t do that!)

Some even object to the fact that to stay alive, East Coast Native Americans who survived and weren’t ‘internally deported’ had to intermarry, sacrifice their cultures and languages, look White or Black, convert to Christianity, adopt White names, etc etc etc.

Some object to the word holocaust, or the word genocide.  Six million Jews, half the world’s Jews, were killed by Hitler.  Terrible indeed.  And 95 pct. of the world’s Native Americans have been wiped out, and we’re just supposed to keep volunteering for civil war cop duty in Iraq and shut up and be good members of the Underclass.

My primary lifelong ethnic identifications have been Irish and Native American, two of history’s most oppressed peoples, both by British peoples.  (Including on bad advice to British/American Monarchs by corrupt nobility and their lackeys in government.  The Royal Proclamation of 1763, which in part sparked the U.S. rebellion – both because it “reserved” the continent west of the Appalachians for its sovereign nations, and allowed Catholicism and French law to persist in Quebec – is a better example of how Monarchs would have treated Native Americans given more leeway by their “ministers.”  And in fact the Royal grant of U.S. independence was bad law, and so based on their own moral system, no law at all.)

But apparently only slavery, terrible indeed, and a major source of America’s modern “prosperity” [the other being Native land and resources – most of it in the Lower 48, Hawai’i, and arguably even Alaska, still legally ours], is subject to demands that Her Majesty “apologize” (on behalf of her predecessors’ governments) – not Native genocide.

I will not cite or link to the racists and uber-(pseudo-)patriots who object to “the whole truth” at this time of Jamestown 400, in favor of White supremacy, or conservative Protestant supremacy, or American (settler) supremacy.  They are people who feel threatened if anything other than their ideology or propaganda is present.

As well they should.

(I do not advocate the violent overthrow of the government.)