Lies about “Paleo-Indians”?

It’s commonly said they chased buffalo and now-extinct North American megafauna (aka ‘big-ass animals’) over cliffs by the hundreds at a time as a “hunting” method, wasting alot of stuff and killing-off many species.

You don’t have to be a New Age/wannabe to realize that this is so contrary to the hunting/conservation/efficient-use ethic traditionally observed by so many disparate Indian/Inuit/Aleut peoples, often still today, that the question is called forth: Why exactly would they do this?  Certainly not because they were wasteful, excessive, Modern-Era Northwest-Europe-Americans!  To be sure, Indian cultures probably haven’t been all the same unchanged for half a million years, but is it even slightly possible the scientists are misreading the evidence?  Or were they just “savages”?  😦