Pope warns of new “authoritarianism” in Latin America

This is rich.  Coming from a guy who may or may not have single-handedly invented new Church law in response to a journalist’s question during a news conference on a plane… the ‘excommunication (or not) of pro-choice politicians’ controversy.  (Without taking into consideration, here, my own position on abortion – which is opposed.)  (I recommend the comments to the news story as well as the story itself, for a flavor of the confusion unleashed even among those conservative Papal loyalists by that one.)

‘L’eglise c’est moi!  I am the Church!’  A one-man Church!

On the question itself, I have not become aware that any recent Latin American government officials have arrogated powers in violation of their nations’ constitutions or other law.  Unlike here in the U.S.  But observe some of those Commenters’ own disdain for social justice.