“The Redcoats are coming”?


Paul Revere (and two other friends with him) also didn’t yell, “The British are coming,” because most of the colonists still thought of themselves also as a form of British!  (Remember “the rights of free Englishmen” the rebels thought they were losing [and sometimes cost themselves – and us]?!)

Therefore, they would’ve most commonly thought of His Lawful Majesty’s forces as Regulars, as in Regular Army, as opposed to “irregulars.”

(Not to be confused with Fr. Andrew Greeley’s fictional “North Wabash Avenue Irregulars”!  [730 N. Wabash Ave. is the address of the rectory at Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral, where fictional sleuth {and recently promoted! See how recently?} Coadjutor-Archbishop Blackie Ryan, and his alleged boss, Cardinal Sean Cronin, live.])