Can’t we govern ourselves?

(Small-R) republicans stereotype Monarchists as believing common people ‘can’t govern themselves‘ – or as the rebel politician, slavemaster, and wealthy “planter” Thomas Jefferson put it, that kings are “angels in the form of men to govern us.”

In truth, some monarchists in the world are still elitist snobs.  But have the common people ever governed the United States?  Do we today?  Especially today, when they sometimes let some of us “vote,” and then program the voting machines, or the counting machines, any way they wish… and if that doesn’t work, threaten to cancel the election results and enthrone their own Electors… and when that doesn’t work, call in chips with their partisanly-appointed, falsely-titled Supreme Court “justices.”

I begin to think that there will always be “rulers,” and they will usually not be “we the people.”  So it’s more a matter of reining-in the inevitable abuses of this “ruling class,” ultimately by means of a non-partisan, apolitical, unelected, unbribeable, FREE representative of the people able to tell the rulers NO when necessary.  In truth, something perhaps Queen Elizabeth II hasn’t done enough of – though we may never know, since her meetings with her ministers are confidential.  Some see Her Majesty as the most pliant British Monarch in history, attributing it to her youth at accession, her deference to Churchill, and her femaleness.  (Remember she became Queen in 1952, having been born in 1926. To put it crassly, she’s a traditional old lady!)

In short, “the people’s” inability to govern ourselves has less to do with our shortcomings, more to do with the machinations of the real ruling/political class.

Historically, often the British Crown was appealed to by “the people” against the depredations of the King’s nobles, the people’s landlords and employers.  At least they could be appealed to in the name of Christian morality and charity and solidarity.  America’s  hereditary nobility (Do you doubt me? Look at their family trees!) is unregulated, and they laugh and say, “What does morality have to do with economics?”

“Class warfare”?  You bet.  But I didn’t start it; I just want to end it, or lessen its harm to “us the people.”