Cheney disobeys Bush; Bush OK with it

Their most blatant lawlessness yet, though obviously not their most serious.  Crimes committed or abetted by the high are “high crimes” in my book.  And these two must be high if they thought this wouldn’t be noticed!  I just wonder why it’s taken 4 years to come up: NY Times sit on it again?!!  (“Sit on it!”  There’s an oldie-but-goodie!)

This may just be the co-defendant “smoking gun” we’ve been waiting for to dump them both ASAP: simultaneous impeachment, simultaneous trial in the Senate, simultaneous removal from office, Dick never gets to be President, Pelosi does!

Cheney’s legislative-branch claim only holds water if it’s Senate business he’s keeping secret… which it’s not, at least in the current case.  In reality, the Vice-President is almost never in the Senate, does not conduct its business, and as “President of the Senate” is less than a figurehead.  This work is done mostly by the Majority Leader, normally with input from the Minority Leader.

In any case, as the linked article suggests, the Senate has complete control over its own business, papers, etc.  Plus, arguably, the Senate could expel its President (Cheney), as any other “member,” by a two-thirds majority even without impeachment and trial (Article I, Section 5).  I think they should go for it… and put an end to Cheney’s F-bombs on the floor at the same time!  (What will we tell the children?!!)

Actually, as I look at Article I, Section 4, the Impeachment section, I note the absence of the word only.  Are there other ways to remove a President or VP?  What if the 2004 Electoral College reconvened (in each State and D.C.) and chose somebody else?  What if a recall election were held?  No other way of choosing a Prez or VP is provided in the Constitution, so Pelosi, again, would succeed to the White House.

At least, let’s finally impeach Cheney, and put this sick dog out of our misery!  The Senate Democrats could even deny Bush his nominee to replace Cheney, although would Bush know what to do without a Cheney pulling his strings?  Maybe we should let him nominate Jim Baker for VP, or somebody else like that unlikely to run in ’08… much as I hate to leave it in the hands of the Neocons.

And let’s remember to impeach and convict all the other leading Bushies, so they never again “hold an office of trust or profit(sic!!) under the United States”!!!  They’ve all committed plenty of high crimes, least of all, “lying to the American people” and “lying to Congress,” with the grave consequences we all and the world have suffered since 2000.

Where did all these “Founding Fathers” come from, anyway?

According to Wikipedia, which is sometimes right(!): 

In the late 17th and early 18th Centuries, many younger* sons of English aristocrats specifically chose to leave England for Virginia in the Colonies. Many of the early Virginians who were plantation owners were such younger sons who had left England fortuneless due to primogeniture laws. These Founding Fathers of the United States of America were nearly universally descended from the landed gentry of England, with many being descended from English Kings of the late 14th and early 15th Centuries, especially through the numerous offspring of Edward III of England.

(*–ie, non-inheriting)

Would I be a total Marxist if I didn’t fail to perceive lasting class-consciousness among most of these Founders… and their (so to speak) ‘heirs’???!  [Although they had royal and noble and knightly ancestors, they were not themselves – they ‘fell out of the tree,’ so to speak, at least under English law and custom.]

So what’s wrong with that?  I’m a Monarchist, after all, a Classical Conservative?  Only this: of the handful of mistakes King George III’s advisers/administrators (ie, ministers, politicians) made with regard to these Colonies, one of the biggest was in not supplying us more largely with men and women who were “honourable” or “noble.”  Occasional Crown officials of these Colonies had been knighted, sent here, and left when they completed their service.  As to the future Canada, Nova Scotia warranted a whole bunch of Baronets, a kind of hereditary knighthood, and some of them are still in existence.  And at least one Baronetcy was granted in the Province of New York, to a French-and-Indian War hero whose son moved to Canada as a Loyalist after the Revolution, and whose line of Baronets continues to this day.  But that seems to be all!  As I’ve recently said, if we are deprived of the honorable and the noble, we will be ruled by the dishonorable and the ignoble.  Sure, American textbooks of European history are filled with the misbehaviors of such men and women, but think about this: Out of the tens of thousands of knights and nobles in Europe, we only hear about a handful negatively.  Most were probably no more sinful than you or I.  But they could be prevailed upon, like the Monarch her/himself, with extra persuasion not applicable to you or me: They were “honored” and “noble,” so one could urge them, ‘Hey, live up to it!’  (Talk about “role models”!)  They had public duties and position, a family heritage, training and preparation, Christian/religous  social ethics to live by quite publicly.  They were rulers, regulated by a system and somebody definite, the Monarch; *we* have rulers who regulate themselves, which means not at all!  As I also recently said, at least in Orthodox Christianity, the Tsar of Russia all the way into the 20th century was exhorted by the Church to be moral, to do justice, to show mercy, to do the right thing, and despite Western propaganda to the contrary, usually did his best in a difficult job.  (Remember, Russia was the most diverse, largest landmass of its day – from Poland to Alaska!)

OTOH if our rulers here in America are just about a “contractual, commercial republic,” one whose design even pretends to rely on competing selfishness to limit abuse (like that’s ever worked, especially lately!), how can you morally urge anything on them?!  Instead, we hear just enough Horatio Alger-type stories to try to make us emulate them.  No thanks!  We can do better!  Lots of people do better!

National Aboriginal Day in Canada

is every June 21, the Summer Solstice (“Midsummer” for those of you with more British influence).  Canada salutes Indians (First Nations), Inuit (“Eskimos”), and Métis* who live and have lived in its territory, made many contributions… and often gotten the shaft just the same, though generally not as bad as those on United States-claimed territory.

Interestingly, in Canada there wasn’t the “ethnic cleansing” of Indians and Inuit in the eastern and central part of the country (from Ontario eastward) that there was mostly in the States, so most Canadians still live within a reasonable drive of a Reserve with centuries of open, clear, continuous history, and “visible” Indians have a bigger presence even in these eastern cities than in those of the U.S.

The two big ongoing Native issues in Canada lately have been financial damages for children kidnapped, persecuted, and abused in “residential schools” into the 1970s, and self-governance for Reserves – one way in which perhaps things are a little further advanced in the States.  There’s also the glaring omission of First Nations Treaties legitimizing non-Native presence in British Columbia, and the “falling through the cracks” of officially “Non-Status Indians” and “Off-Reserve Indians.”  There are occasional heated conflicts between Indian groups and governments over land claims and alleged police brutality.  And Natives in Canada also suffer from cultural losses, bad European diets, underemployment, and substance abuse issues, similar to those of Indigenous Peoples around the world actually.

In 1999 Ottawa settled a large Inuit land claim in Northern Canada in part by creating the new Territory of Nunavut from about half of the Northwest Territories, mostly populated by Inuit, and governed in part according to their traditional cultural practices.  In 2005 Inuit in northern Labrador received limited self-government and recognition of traditional rights over much of that part of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, called Nunatsiavut.  And by 2010 Northern Quebec – the mostly-Inuit region called Nunavik – is expected to receive significant self-government; meanwhile the Nunavik Inuit – most of whom live on the shore – have negotiated a land-claims agreement recognizing their traditional rights with regard to waters, islands, and resources surrounding today’s Nunavik, including cooperation with neighboring Aboriginal groups, all awaiting implementation by Ottawa.

(*–Métis are of blended Native and European [primarily French, English, Scottish, and/or Irish] ancestry and blended culture, at least by heritage, excluded from both their communities of origin historically, but often maintaining Aboriginal Rights now once again being recognized by law as they should always have been under Common Law precedents and “the honour of The Crown” – not always “honoured” by Their Historical Majesties’ Canadian or Provincial ministries.  The closest U.S. comparison would be to Native Mixed-blood communities like my Nanticoke Indians of southern Delaware and vicinity, although the peculiar American “racial” politics of Black, White, and Red, often ‘spun’ – and continues to ‘spin’ – their identities and perceived identities in all directions, and doesn’t know what to do with a “Mixed” identity or culture like in Canada.  Also, Métis is the same word as the Spanish Mestizo – meaning Mixed – though I don’t know how big the Mestizo, ie, Spanish/Indian, profile is north of the Rio Grande.  In Russian Alaska they called Russian/Aleuts Kreol… but also Aleuts who merely learned to read, moved into town, etc., and in fact most Aleuts with Russian surnames have no Russian ancestry, just maybe a Russian godfather when their ancestor converted to Orthodox Christianity.  Back to Canada, some scholars assert that most French Canadians are in fact Métis, and though most French Canadians downplay any Native heritage, the numbers of Canadians claiming Métis identity on Censuses have increased at far above the birth rate in the last generation!  Sadly, the national Métis community is sharply divided between those whose European identity is mainly French and are rooted in the Prairie Provinces, and “The Other Métis” – an excellent website on Mixed-blood persons, cultures, and communities/nations throughout North America… whose author informs me he’s in the process of updating and revising it.  BTW, Métis are categorized as “Aboriginal” – “Indigenous” might be more accurate, but “Aboriginal” is the term in the Constitution Act 1982 – because, hey, they were created here as something new, nowhere else!  This is nothing like the Afrikaners claiming to be “Africa’s White Tribe;” South Africa’s mixed-race persons have traditionally been called “Coloured,” quite distinct from the all-European [largely Dutch] Afrikaners.  In fact, New France had a policy of promoting intermarriage between White trappers and Indian women, as good for the fur business!  Of interest to the U.S. would be the fact that many cities in the Midwest, Northern Plains, and Inland Northwest were founded by French/Indian Métis, of New France or Canada.)

WordPress Feed Stats deleted

As I just found out here.  Was it killing them?  As one responder pointed out:

Apparently a lot more people are now using RSS feeders and not bothering to hit the site itself. W/out the feed stats, I have no longer have any real idea how many readers I actually have.

Sure, it’s free, but when people come here – as WordPress still claims to want – to a certain package of features, and you take them away without an adequate replacement, that’s ethically or morally questionable.  As Americans, there’s a certain “social contract” involved, if not an actual one.

I’d tell them myself, but I couldn’t find any obvious way to add my response to those already posted!

In the military rank-and-file, they say “military intelligence” is an oxymoron; I’m thinking of something similar here….

Tell Congress to Pass the United States National Health Insurance Act

Here.  Page includes video statement by Michael Moore, maker of the upcoming blockbuster documentary Sicko.

White Supremacists

The Seinfeld episode – “The Limo” – where Jerry and George pretend to be other people to get a limousine ride from the airport, only to discover that the people these two Jewish Americans* are pretending to be are White Supremacist/Anti-semite leaders,** is airing.  They discover this when the hot blonde who joined them in the limo hands George a copy of the racist speech he’s scheduled to give that night.  It includes the following:

Cut back to the limo, George is reading from O'Brien's speech.
George: ...and the Jews steal our money through their  

Zionist-occupied government and use the black man  

to bring drugs into our oppressed white-minority communities.  

Jerry: You're not going to open with that, are you?  

Eva: What was that you said about the myth of the Holocaust?  

George: I said so many things.

I underlined “Zionist occupied government” because I was horrified to hear it, since I have previously expressed a bit of sympathy for Pat Buchanan’s calling the U.S. government “Israeli occupied territory” – playing, I always thought, on the common reference for the West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem, and Golan Heights.  I swear, I’ve heard of White Supremacists referring to “ZOG,” but never knew what it meant.  Is Buchanan signalling support for them?!!***  *I* certainly am not!

You don’t have to be “Anti-Semitic” to question the influence any foreign government has over your own, to the detriment of your own country’s national interests and/or global peace, justice, and security.  I AM a Semite: I’m part Assyrian, from way back, millennia – a cousin of God!  I’ve also warned of Anti-semitism in posts.  NO ideology is good: that’s the heart of Classical Conservatism.  NOBODY is good or bad just because of belonging to or not belonging to any group, and I oppose all unsanctioned violence and discrimination, and most that is sanctioned also, as my readers know.  Someone said, “Scratch an anti-Israeli, and find an Anti-Semite,” but “it ain’t necessarily so.”  Do these guys come across as “self-hating Jews”?  (More about religious-Jewish anti-Zionism, ie, not anti-Semitism.)  I don’t think they’re just being Jewish dhimmis, nor am I being whatever an equivalent U.S. Christian term would be.  I’m just an old ’60s-’70s progressive egalitarian, after all.  And note that dhimma’s (sorry, I don’t know the actual plural form) sound in some ways similar to the “treaties” the U.S. government signed with Native nations… and I’m also Native American!


(*–This is almost two years before George converted to the Latvian Orthodox Christian faith community.)

(**–Why are they Irish, though?!!  “O’Brien” and “Murphy”??)

(***–Like the elderly Jewish voter in West Palm Beach, Florida, after the 2000 Presidential election with the misleading/confusing “butterfly ballot”: “I think I just voted for Hitler!”)

Vote to Impeach Cheney


There’s an actual bill in the House right now, spearheaded by Kucinich I think, with slowly-growing support there – and of course, massive support out here!