White Supremacists

The Seinfeld episode – “The Limo” – where Jerry and George pretend to be other people to get a limousine ride from the airport, only to discover that the people these two Jewish Americans* are pretending to be are White Supremacist/Anti-semite leaders,** is airing.  They discover this when the hot blonde who joined them in the limo hands George a copy of the racist speech he’s scheduled to give that night.  It includes the following:

Cut back to the limo, George is reading from O'Brien's speech.
George: ...and the Jews steal our money through their  

Zionist-occupied government and use the black man  

to bring drugs into our oppressed white-minority communities.  

Jerry: You're not going to open with that, are you?  

Eva: What was that you said about the myth of the Holocaust?  

George: I said so many things.

I underlined “Zionist occupied government” because I was horrified to hear it, since I have previously expressed a bit of sympathy for Pat Buchanan’s calling the U.S. government “Israeli occupied territory” – playing, I always thought, on the common reference for the West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem, and Golan Heights.  I swear, I’ve heard of White Supremacists referring to “ZOG,” but never knew what it meant.  Is Buchanan signalling support for them?!!***  *I* certainly am not!

You don’t have to be “Anti-Semitic” to question the influence any foreign government has over your own, to the detriment of your own country’s national interests and/or global peace, justice, and security.  I AM a Semite: I’m part Assyrian, from way back, millennia – a cousin of God!  I’ve also warned of Anti-semitism in posts.  NO ideology is good: that’s the heart of Classical Conservatism.  NOBODY is good or bad just because of belonging to or not belonging to any group, and I oppose all unsanctioned violence and discrimination, and most that is sanctioned also, as my readers know.  Someone said, “Scratch an anti-Israeli, and find an Anti-Semite,” but “it ain’t necessarily so.”  Do these guys come across as “self-hating Jews”?  (More about religious-Jewish anti-Zionism, ie, not anti-Semitism.)  I don’t think they’re just being Jewish dhimmis, nor am I being whatever an equivalent U.S. Christian term would be.  I’m just an old ’60s-’70s progressive egalitarian, after all.  And note that dhimma’s (sorry, I don’t know the actual plural form) sound in some ways similar to the “treaties” the U.S. government signed with Native nations… and I’m also Native American!


(*–This is almost two years before George converted to the Latvian Orthodox Christian faith community.)

(**–Why are they Irish, though?!!  “O’Brien” and “Murphy”??)

(***–Like the elderly Jewish voter in West Palm Beach, Florida, after the 2000 Presidential election with the misleading/confusing “butterfly ballot”: “I think I just voted for Hitler!”)