Cheney disobeys Bush; Bush OK with it

Their most blatant lawlessness yet, though obviously not their most serious.  Crimes committed or abetted by the high are “high crimes” in my book.  And these two must be high if they thought this wouldn’t be noticed!  I just wonder why it’s taken 4 years to come up: NY Times sit on it again?!!  (“Sit on it!”  There’s an oldie-but-goodie!)

This may just be the co-defendant “smoking gun” we’ve been waiting for to dump them both ASAP: simultaneous impeachment, simultaneous trial in the Senate, simultaneous removal from office, Dick never gets to be President, Pelosi does!

Cheney’s legislative-branch claim only holds water if it’s Senate business he’s keeping secret… which it’s not, at least in the current case.  In reality, the Vice-President is almost never in the Senate, does not conduct its business, and as “President of the Senate” is less than a figurehead.  This work is done mostly by the Majority Leader, normally with input from the Minority Leader.

In any case, as the linked article suggests, the Senate has complete control over its own business, papers, etc.  Plus, arguably, the Senate could expel its President (Cheney), as any other “member,” by a two-thirds majority even without impeachment and trial (Article I, Section 5).  I think they should go for it… and put an end to Cheney’s F-bombs on the floor at the same time!  (What will we tell the children?!!)

Actually, as I look at Article I, Section 4, the Impeachment section, I note the absence of the word only.  Are there other ways to remove a President or VP?  What if the 2004 Electoral College reconvened (in each State and D.C.) and chose somebody else?  What if a recall election were held?  No other way of choosing a Prez or VP is provided in the Constitution, so Pelosi, again, would succeed to the White House.

At least, let’s finally impeach Cheney, and put this sick dog out of our misery!  The Senate Democrats could even deny Bush his nominee to replace Cheney, although would Bush know what to do without a Cheney pulling his strings?  Maybe we should let him nominate Jim Baker for VP, or somebody else like that unlikely to run in ’08… much as I hate to leave it in the hands of the Neocons.

And let’s remember to impeach and convict all the other leading Bushies, so they never again “hold an office of trust or profit(sic!!) under the United States”!!!  They’ve all committed plenty of high crimes, least of all, “lying to the American people” and “lying to Congress,” with the grave consequences we all and the world have suffered since 2000.