Rupert Murdoch bought Readers Digest?

It sure looks like it.  At least one celebrity on every cover now,* especially actors and actresses in movies coming out that month (talk about product-placement!), or American Idols from his network; also increased “conservatism” (though occasionally conceding the existence of “liberalism”), “disease-of-the-month,” fearmongering, yada yada yada….  They should change the name to Fox News Digest!!!

(*–This month the late Princess of Wales, Princess Diana, God be good to her, is the “lead”: she’ll be young and hot forever among the rest of us now!  But it’s just to plug another newly-released product, a book by a gossip columnist.)

UPDATE 8/8/07: Apparently my previous headline, with buys instead of bought, caused some confusion!  While I appreciated all the hits, far be it from me to allege knowledge of something so horrendous… or give the man – and I use the term loosely – any ideas!!!